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  • The Cosmos is made up of five elements. They are Inexhaustible Space, Time, Energy, Gravity and Issuance of creation, hence our acronym, “istegi”.
  • All the elements of Space, Time, Energy, Gravity and Issuance of creation are inexhaustible. There is no beginning, nor will there ever be an end to Space, Time, Energy, Gravity or Issuance of creation.
  • All STEGI elements have polarities of beginnings and endings and each element is both “inside” and “outside” of itself at the same time; for example, when you were conceived, you took up a small amount of Space and as you grew you took up more and more Space, yet you are a tiny speck within the Space of the entire cosmos. Space is inside you and you are inside Space at the same time. In this example, your consciousness or intelligence is the beginning of Space, and as you look out into the night sky, you ought be awed by the end of Space, the deep of which is unfathomable. These are the polarities of Space in your state as a living being. It is the same with Time, for Time comes into us from our future and goes out of us into our past and into our memory. Time is within us, yet we live within Time and all of our time is collapsed into the present of “now”. Energy comes into us through our food and goes out of us through our toil and waste. Our in-side energy is powered by out-side Energy. Out-side Gravity pulls us to Earth and our inner dynamics lifts us up to move about unlocked (out-side) from the Gravity of Earth. (You lift yourself up from the Gravity of your bed by your Energy). Our Issuance of creative ideas and inventions come from within yet we only live our lives because creative forces beyond and outside our comprehension gave birth to us and keep us alive.
  • istegi.com is where physics meets religion as one; it is where reality meets the spirit as one; it is where the body meets the mind as one, and it is where body, soul, mind and spirit are as integrated with each other as is E= MC² where energy equals mass; and where massless light becomes mass: where E=G, (Energy = Gravity).
  • istegi.com is a philosophy, not a religion. It is not something you “believe” in, but rather facts of physics that are self-evident. You can be a istegi.com aspirant and a Christian or Muslim at the same time; in fact they feed off each other. istegi.com is a compression of physical forces that you can ascribe to as being your “fate”. Your “fate” has put you where you are now because SPACE, TIME, ENERGY, GRAVITY and ISSUANCE of creation were in charge of steering you to where you are now. In istegi.com, s is for SPACE for we know that wherever our body is, it is our mind that has moved our body into our chosen SPACE. The letter T of istegi.com is for the TIME we are given to live our lives. E is for the ENERGY we use to rise up and move around every day. G is our GRAVITATIONAL attraction by way of which we are pulled to Earth and, because we are also mass containing Gravity, we pull Earth up. (Only a little bit, for we have far less mass than Earth). But in istegi.com eyes, gravity is more than the physics of two bodies of mass pulling each other, for it is also any field of mutual attraction such as magnetism and attraction of two people for one another. The last i of istegi.com is for ISSUANCE of forces of creation, for we conduct our lives in accordance with the ISSUE of steg that comes our way; we are “issued” with SPACE, “issued” with TIME, “issued” with ENERGY and “issued” with GRAVITY, all of which are the elements that allow us our gift of living mind, body, soul and spirit..
  • It is by the physics of istegi.com that we are able to move around in our chosen SPACE, in the TIME given to us by the grace of istegi.com, using the ENERGY we are gifted, whilst locked into the GRAVITY of Earth to live our lives in accordance with ISSUANCE that we receive from SPACE, TIME, ENERGY, GRAVITY.
  • And it is by the flow of electric charge “in” and “out” (received and radiated) through us that we exist as living beings, hence, hence the polarities of beginnings and endings of STEG.

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