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Cosmic TIME never began and it will never end. Cosmic TIME is inexhaustible. It is infinite and everywhere in the universe. Your body of chemicals, however, only clumps together for a slice of TIME. It is not inexhaustible in your chemistry, but whilst you exist in TIME you can meditate “I am, right now, at the beginning of my future and at the end of my past of all TIME allocated to me. I am conscious of the inexhaustible nature of Cosmic TIME. I am within its infinity both around me in the Cosmos and within my consciousness. I am a drop of a clump of atoms in an ocean of TIME into which I, in my body, merges right now, and when I rise up after my death into Cosmic TIME”.

Cosmic TIME is light folding into deep darkness. Close your eyes now and have a look into your mind-screen, (your mind’s-eye), of light folding into deep dark. The deep dark is your memory and the light is your creativity. Go on, go to a quite spot and close your eyes. You will see, in the NOW, TIME folding out of the future into the past. It is there. Only those who will look and seek for it will find it.

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