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You are a body of chemicals. I am a body of chemicals. A snake is a body of chemicals. Everything in the Universe consists of independent bodies of chemicals. Every ATOM in the UNIVERSE is chemical. Every atom consists of a nucleus within electrons, all of which are ENERGY of positive and negative electrical charges.

SPACE 0002

Consciousness comes out of you. Consciousness comes out of your body of chemicals. Chemicals are things of Physics because all chemicals are made up of atoms. Consciousness (mind, spirit, soul) come out of the atoms that make up the chemicals. Without your chemical existence you would not have thought, nor would you be reading this. Your consciousness would not be in this physical chemical reality.

SPACE 0003

Consciousness comes out of Earth, for if that were not so, Earth and the atoms on it in human form would not be able to make atom bombs. People who make atom bombs are made out of atoms, the very particles that enable those bomb-makers to think. Earth is a cosmic body that thinks. It is conscious.

SPACE 0004

Physics has many forms. One is Astro-Physics. Another is Particle Physics. Then there is Chemical Physics and many others. STEGI is a form of Physics that considers SPACE TIME ENERGY GRAVITY and INFORMATION

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