When GRAVITY invites ENERGY into her room, another being, ENERGY within GRAVITY, is created – that is how a carrot seed in soil creates a being we call a carrot – ENERGY in GRAVITY creates mass, some of it, like the carrot, lives a temporary life. A carrot absorbs light to rise up out of the GRAVITY of Earth.

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You are a body of chemicals constantly on the move. I am a body of energetic chemicals too. A snake is a body of energetic chemicals. Everything in the Universe consists of independent bodies of energetic chemicals, even if, to you, they are lifeless mass. Every ATOM in the UNIVERSE is an energetic element of a cluster of chemicals. Every atom consists of a nucleus within a field of electrons, all of which are ENERGETIC, MOVING and VOLATILE interplay of positive and negative electrical charges.

We are all clusters of ENERGY.

E 0002

There are billions of Galaxies each containing billions of stars, all emitting ENERGY and light. This Energy and light is absolutely inexhaustible. It is infinite and never ending and exists because of volatile atomic fission or fusion born out of gravitational compression of chemicals made up of atoms.

This energy is the central source of your life. You are the energetic centre of the universe because you are its creation, making you the hands of the creator. Whatever you do with this energy, your karma will be your reward. Your energy motivates you to buy a car, but your karma forces you to pay for it and maintain it. You and the karma of your life is a direct result of how you CHOOSE to use your universal energy.


Do you need plastic to be happy? Does petrol give you glee? How about stress of traffic, moving tons of metal about? Does that bring you harmony? Do we really need trade and high GDP wth the collateral ecological damage? My local beaches are better than the ones I used to fly to. I’m cooking my own food now, healthy wholesome and chemical free; no packaging to fill rubbish tips. Come on maties, this lockdown is AWESOME.

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