• The human body has density and is heavy. Density is the space occupied by the weight and content of your body. Another word for your density (the space taken up by your skin plus its contents plus it’s weight) is your body-“mass”.
  • All mass has GRAVITY and each blob of mass in the universe has a “centre of gravity”. You are a centre of gravity. The centre of gravity of every blob of mass in the universe pulls every other centre of gravity in the universe into itself. The Sun pulls Earth, the Earth pulls the Moon and our solar system pulls on every blob of mass in every galaxy in the cosmos.
  • This means that the centre of gravity within you pulls all of the centres of gravity of all the blobs of mass of the entire universe into the centre of you.
  • You are a centre of cosmic gravity.
  • The entire universe is constantly cascading into you.
  • You are quite a big deal.

210620 Personal Magnetism

When you gravitate towards someone it is usually because they are joyous, happy, smiling, vital, vivacious and smell nice. They present themselves as a well-made-up package of their enlightened presence. If you too are the same, the meme-effect of mutual attraction is magnified and you gravitate together into what we call Personal Magnetism. Your ENERGIES “radiate” you into forces of attraction and gravitate you into an expression of personal magnetism. Your mutual radiation turns the two of you into conductors.

Physics dictates that physical magnetism emanates out of the physical laws of the universe, so although that is the true meaning of the word, we still use it to describe a philosophic attribute of human association to describe magnetic attraction of two human personalities.

This is not too far off from two bodies of mass being irresistibly and GRAVITATIONALLY attracted to one another, except with GRAVITY in mass the only thing that matters is the density of the mass, one body of mass can be a volatile Sun and the other body of mass can be a smelly polluted Earth.

Even your hoard sticks to you “gravitationally” – the car you buy sticks to you as if you and the car are gravitationally locked together until some de-coupling force separates you from one another, such as its breakdown, disintegration, accidental damage, fate, sale, or your own demise. So, what has this got to do with Personal Magnetism?

Well, in STEGI philosophy, there is indeed a singular cosmic force of attraction. You can sub-divide it into gravitational attraction or magnetic attraction or personality attraction, the force is still the same – it is the force of pulling things and souls and events together. Similarly, there is a cosmic force of separation for some things are repelling each other just as other things are being attracted to each other.

Does it really matter if we call it magnetism or gravity or the attraction of human souls? Attraction is attraction, just as energy is energy, no matter what you categorise it into. Hydro-electric energy is ENERGY, thermal energy is ENERGY, chemical energy is ENERGY and energy from human muscles and brains is ENERGY, which we can use to draw us into fields of Personal Attractiveness and Magnetism.

200617 Suction and Pressure

The universe would not exist unless there was both suction and pressure. The Sun would not shine without its GRAVITY sucking its atoms together with such force that this pressure causes the atoms to fuse and produce ENERGY and light. The darkness of SPACE around the Sun would not carry and transmit the light unless that darkness had the suctional capacity to do so; and that would not happen unless the ENERGY from the Sun had the radiative pressure to push that light out.

We would not exist unless we had the suctional capacity to draw light in and keep it in to be part of our individual field of STEGI (Space, Time, Energy Gravity and Information) – once light goes into your eye it never comes out.

A carrot would not grow unless GRAVITY pulled the atoms of the soil into the growing media around the carrot so as to enable the carrot to push the pressure of its life out into the suctional aspect of the gravity that surrounds it.

Absolutely nothing in this universe would work without these essential elements of physics. GRAVITY has to be there to pull, and ENERGY has to be there to push. Even you; you pull your universe in as you observe it and you flavour your surrounding universe with what you radiate into it.

A future Blog will explain how GRAVITY is not just a one-way force, but that it has a polarity and a homoplastic reciprocity; that in STEGI terms GRAVITY includes magnetism and inter-human magnetism of personalities and memes – so watch this space.

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When GRAVITY invites ENERGY into her room, another being, ENERGY within GRAVITY, is created – that is how a carrot seed in soil creates a being we call a carrot – ENERGY in GRAVITY creates mass, some of it, like the carrot, lives a temporary life. A carrot absorbs light to rise up out of the GRAVITY of Earth.

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