200702 Manna (INFORMATION).

Lay duck food near your dam and you get ducks. Feed a cat and it keeps you comforted. Give soup to the poor and your community grows.

Manna is food provided by providence. Providence comes from click here:-


You have many rooms in your mind. A room of joy, another of grumpiness, a happy room, a room in which you dream and imagine things, and a room in which you create things and form ideas. You cannot be in two rooms at the same time – you cannot be joyous and grumpy together, and you cannot be in your creative room when you are having an argument with someone. They just don’t mix.

You also have both a carnal mind and an enlightened mind, and here again, you cannot be in both minds at the same time. You cannot be having an argument with another carnal tongue and its mind and be in the room of enlightened joy in your own mind at the same time. They just don’t mix.

So, what does one do? Firstly, you need to understand that carnal tongues and ears are senders and receivers of memes, and that these memes are highly contagious. If one room in one mind transmits these memes via its tongue another room in another mind might receive the infection through its ears, and a quarrel erupts. Thus the second thing to do is to get out of the reception field of the carnal memes. Finally, once you have rediscovered your enlightened mind, get into that room of joy, receive the rapture and be amused that you are the director of your mind.

After all, you are the director of all INFORMATION in your mind. No one else can enter your mind unless you open your door, which is a good and easy thing to do if the other mind is full of joy.

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There is a dichotomy in every aspect of SPACE, TIME, ENERGY, GRAVITY & INFORMATION (STEGI). On the one hand, we all take up SPACE, and on the other hand we would not exist if there was no SPACE around us. Your “now” of TIME is sandwiched between the dichotomy of your past and your future. You would have no ENERGY unless blood was both pumped out of your heart and sucked into it. To use your ENERGY, you have to have both arteries and veins, for neither can do its job without the other. GRAVITY is good for you because it prevents you from flying off into SPACE but bad for you if you fall down a well or your airplane crashes.

You send and receive good and bad INFORMATION too. Someone near to you might have his radio on at maximum volume inconsiderately enforcing you to experience what to you is bad INFORMATION. Another might put rotting chicken manure on a frangipani plant and spoil your olfactory INFORMATION, so what does one do about that? Do you argue and fight against the problem and thereby become part of the problem, do you just accept it, or can you somehow slip into your own SPACE?

I am lucky. I go to a tall tree in a nearby forest. Nobody else goes there because one has to climb up a rocky slope to get to it. All I hear is water dripping down the rocks amongst the ferns, a far better sound than an amplified radio. I take frangipani blossoms with me too, to remind me that STEGI creates fragrant perfume out of chicken poop.

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