There is a dichotomy in every aspect of SPACE, TIME, ENERGY, GRAVITY & INFORMATION (STEGI). On the one hand, we all take up SPACE, and on the other hand we would not exist if there was no SPACE around us. Your “now” of TIME is sandwiched between the dichotomy of your past and your future. You would have no ENERGY unless blood was both pumped out of your heart and sucked into it. To use your ENERGY, you have to have both arteries and veins, for neither can do its job without the other. GRAVITY is good for you because it prevents you from flying off into SPACE but bad for you if you fall down a well or your airplane crashes.

You send and receive good and bad INFORMATION too. Someone near to you might have his radio on at maximum volume inconsiderately enforcing you to experience what to you is bad INFORMATION. Another might put rotting chicken manure on a frangipani plant and spoil your olfactory INFORMATION, so what does one do about that? Do you argue and fight against the problem and thereby become part of the problem, do you just accept it, or can you somehow slip into your own SPACE?

I am lucky. I go to a tall tree in a nearby forest. Nobody else goes there because one has to climb up a rocky slope to get to it. All I hear is water dripping down the rocks amongst the ferns, a far better sound than an amplified radio. I take frangipani blossoms with me too, to remind me that STEGI creates fragrant perfume out of chicken poop.

Published by istegi

I imagine stuff. Imagination is the seed of every innovation and the beginning of all knowledge. Every car, boat, bridge and plane originated in imagination. Knowledge or science or physics analyzing how imagined things work can only develop after conception of the imagined things in the minds of those who imagined them. Imagination is thus very important, even although it is simply a fragile indefinable egress of ideas. It is something that cannot be taught or learnt. You cannot get a Doctorate in Imagination from any university, yet universities would not exist without it. Sir George Cayley philosophised about aircraft lift whilst still at school and later published his ideas in the Journal of Natural Philosophy. He then went on to become an engineer to pursue his dreams and to develop his aerofoil concepts. Thus every aircraft that has ever flown has done so because of the dream of a philosopher who later became a scientist to prove his philosophising and to promote the science that proved it. So please treasure philosophy, and if you are in physics, please do not treat it with derision. Some imagination is fiction. On the other hand some postulates cannot be proved to be false. If they cannot be proven false they eventually become fact. This even applies to observations of nature - the theories of evolution and of relativity came out of mind but subsequently proven to the satisfaction of science and physics to be fact and not figment. It is not up to figment to provide statistics and data. That is the domain of the sciences. Thus philosophy comes first and science either proves or disproves it.

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