stegi 07/01

  • What is love? Religion teaches that God is love. If God made Space, Time, Energy, Gravity and Issued creation, then a mountain, which is made out of atoms that issued out of these elements is love; thus a mountain is love, so too is a cat and a forest and you and me. Everything is created out of love. You are love. I am love. Mother Earth is love, and we are locked into it like the Moon is locked into the gravitational pull of Earth.
  • If everything in the universe is issued out of Space, Time, Energy, Gravity and Issuance of creation, (stegi) then stegi too is an emblem of venerated love.
  • When you stand before a mountain and meditate upon the awe of it, a feeling of love connects you to the mountain; a pious love. That ought to be your feelings to everything in the cosmos at all times, but that is hard because some of the time your inner enlightenment is polarised by miasmic forces and it is not easy to radiate love into obnoxious energies – it is hard to love a cobra that is about to strike you. (Yet Yogi’s seem to).
  • Whilst I might be able to discern a pious relationship between myself and a mountain, other folk might have similar connection with their dog, cat or chickens, but then, if God is love and if the entire cosmos is love and if stegi is love, we should not limit our piety to a mountain or a cat and instead extend our love into everything in the universe because it must follow that the entire universe is love, and that love flows into us.
  • The centre of what holds you together is love. It is the same suction that pulls the universe together, it is the same suction that pulls a waterfall into its river, and it is the same suction that cements a mountain together as a mountain of love.
  • It is therefore little wonder that Moses, Jesus and Mohammed revealed revelations from mountains – they represent light having been transmogrified into mass, energy into gravity, and the fact that E= MC², and out of which, after eons, light will exude from petrified rock once it fuses into a star.
  • That is love. The entire cosmos is love.

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Published by istegi

I imagine stuff. Imagination is the seed of every innovation and the beginning of all knowledge. Every car, boat, bridge and plane originated in imagination. Knowledge or science or physics analyzing how imagined things work can only develop after conception of the imagined things in the minds of those who imagined them. Imagination is thus very important, even although it is simply a fragile indefinable egress of ideas. It is something that cannot be taught or learnt. You cannot get a Doctorate in Imagination from any university, yet universities would not exist without it. Sir George Cayley philosophised about aircraft lift whilst still at school and later published his ideas in the Journal of Natural Philosophy. He then went on to become an engineer to pursue his dreams and to develop his aerofoil concepts. Thus every aircraft that has ever flown has done so because of the dream of a philosopher who later became a scientist to prove his philosophising and to promote the science that proved it. So please treasure philosophy, and if you are in physics, please do not treat it with derision. Some imagination is fiction. On the other hand some postulates cannot be proved to be false. If they cannot be proven false they eventually become fact. This even applies to observations of nature - the theories of evolution and of relativity came out of mind but subsequently proven to the satisfaction of science and physics to be fact and not figment. It is not up to figment to provide statistics and data. That is the domain of the sciences. Thus philosophy comes first and science either proves or disproves it.

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