Desire 08/01 Desire

  • If you walk from your lounge room into your kitchen and you see an opened slab of chocolate on the kitchen table, you will break a piece off and eat it, even if you are not in the slightest bit hungry. That is because your vision of the chocolate temps your mind to DESIRE it, then your mind moves your muscles to fulfil the desire.
  • We have a tendency to blame the chocolate for tempting us, but it is definitely not the fault of the chocolate. It does not spontaneously jump into our digestive system for it is our muscular action that facilitates that process, and that process starts in our mind. The problem is that we have a little serpent inside that triggers our “desire”.
  • Your intellect might tell you that if you eat chocolate you get fat, but the little serpent says, “eat, and your DESIRE will be satisfied”. No wonder God made the serpent crawl on its belly.
  • Each one of us has a desire to draw the entire cosmos into our minds and bodies, especially chocolate.
  • This “desiring” is an aspect of Gravitation. Desire, magnetism and gravity are simply varying degrees of the same cosmic force – a force that pulls lonely singularities into clumps. That chocolate was alone, and you needed it inside your favourite clump.
  • We have a need to collect to ourselves. We are magnetically attracted to this person and desire that partner, we desire that house, car, caravan and boat. This desiring is like gravity which sucks things into itself circumferentially, from all directions.
  • I meditate a morning mantra daily. Part of it is HYD-WYD which I try and stick to during the day. HYD stands for Halt Your Desire and WYD stands for Worship Your diet. I am okay about Worshipping an apple or water, but I have difficulty Worshipping chocolate or red wine. If I pick up a piece of chocolate and cannot “worship” it as being elemental to my dietary good health, I then Halt the desire by remembering HYD.
  • The HYD bit is paramount, for you have to take control of your desire in order for the worshipping to work. You cannot first succumb to the desire to eat the chocolate then as an afterthought wonder whether or not you should worship that mistake. You have to HYD first. Rather avoid the sin than beg for forgiveness of it.
  • In the Garden of Eden, God said we could eat the fruit of many trees, but avoid one fruit; was that the fruit of temptation and desire?

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stegi 07/01

  • What is love? Religion teaches that God is love. If God made Space, Time, Energy, Gravity and Issued creation, then a mountain, which is made out of atoms that issued out of these elements is love; thus a mountain is love, so too is a cat and a forest and you and me. Everything is created out of love. You are love. I am love. Mother Earth is love, and we are locked into it like the Moon is locked into the gravitational pull of Earth.
  • If everything in the universe is issued out of Space, Time, Energy, Gravity and Issuance of creation, (stegi) then stegi too is an emblem of venerated love.
  • When you stand before a mountain and meditate upon the awe of it, a feeling of love connects you to the mountain; a pious love. That ought to be your feelings to everything in the cosmos at all times, but that is hard because some of the time your inner enlightenment is polarised by miasmic forces and it is not easy to radiate love into obnoxious energies – it is hard to love a cobra that is about to strike you. (Yet Yogi’s seem to).
  • Whilst I might be able to discern a pious relationship between myself and a mountain, other folk might have similar connection with their dog, cat or chickens, but then, if God is love and if the entire cosmos is love and if stegi is love, we should not limit our piety to a mountain or a cat and instead extend our love into everything in the universe because it must follow that the entire universe is love, and that love flows into us.
  • The centre of what holds you together is love. It is the same suction that pulls the universe together, it is the same suction that pulls a waterfall into its river, and it is the same suction that cements a mountain together as a mountain of love.
  • It is therefore little wonder that Moses, Jesus and Mohammed revealed revelations from mountains – they represent light having been transmogrified into mass, energy into gravity, and the fact that E= MC², and out of which, after eons, light will exude from petrified rock once it fuses into a star.
  • That is love. The entire cosmos is love.

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  • Can GOD sin?
  • If you get malaria you will experience the sinning of GOD. GOD creates the mosquito and the malaria parasite, so GOD needs to be forgiven for sinning against you if you get the disease; yet you automatically receive natural enlightenment and grace to “thank” GOD for giving you the immune system he gave you if your body survives her parasitic bombardment.
  • One could also consider that stegi (Space, Time, Energy, Gravity and Issuance of cosmic creative forces) combine together naturally to manifest the mosquito and the malaria parasite, and also to provide you with your immunity, but it seems implausible to pray to stegi, whereas praying to GOD provides great comfort.
  • In The Lord’s Prayer, one pleads “Our Father who art in heaven, etc.,  … and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us”. One could also consider the maxim “and forgive us our sins as we forgive you the sins you have sinned against us”. But I deny I ever wrote that for fear of some zealot trolling me with accusations of heresy.
  • So, instead, I will admit to writing this: “Our stegi, my destiny is in your Issuance. Give me my daily food and life and spirit. Forgive me my mistakes as I forgive you yours and deliver me through this day and many more. Furthermore, if fellow humans make mistakes against me, I forgive them too because they are made out of stegi”.

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  • A proclivity is a human habit or inclination. My personal proclivity is towards metaphysics, spiritualism, physics, grammar, language, elocution, good governance and reversal of global warming.
  • The proclivity of another might be to consume methylated spirits and lie in a gutter in a stupor every night. Neither I nor the drunk is right, for we are each living our lives as best we know how to do that. But it does seem to me that our respective environmental and educational circumstances dictate as to how our individual proclivities turn out to be.
  • But can we change? Can I become a befuddled alcoholic? Take away my health and my home and my family, maybe “yes”. Can a befuddled alcoholic become an erudite member of society? I think so, for befuddlement is caused by environmental factors such as homelessness, lonesomeness, victimisation and the results of health and educational mismanagement at government levels, and if these mismanagements are reversed in favour of societal inclusivity, mutual toil and nurture, then maybe a more righteous humanist path may rise up.
  • And humanism does indeed rise up from disadvantage, for many saints have proven capable of gathering flocks together to form progressive communities out of poverty or imprisonment. To wit, in modern Australia, decedents of prisoners deported from Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries are proud of their heritage from past troubles, for their present proclivities have by dint of circumstance evolved from historical incarceration into modern prosperity through their inclusivity and mutual nurturing eked out of troubling times.    

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  • If you are being bombarded with words that are coming out of the mouth of a “standover” person, your inner spirit is deflated by a tongue, larynx and mouth that is expressing ISSUANCES formed in a brain outside your own brain.
  • That brain is a point in a field of SPACE, TIME, ENERGY, GRAVITY and ISSUANCE (stegi) outside your inner field of stegi. Their bad-mouthing comes out of their own miasma which is contagious – you can “catch” it as a meme. This caught embroilment sources arguments.
  • You need to halt that meme-virus from infecting your personal field of stegi as you need to avoid being influenced by the wrong mind and tongue that is transmitting from a cesspool of bad thought and bad words.
  • The simple solution is to go to a field of neutral inner divinity. Inner divinity is when you consciously conduct cosmic fate into your inner being to realise that cosmic harmony of stegi always consumes aberrations from individual ISSUANCES and absorbs them into entropy. It is a place where miasmic memes are osmosed into sweet fragrances like a frangipani converting compost into perfume.  

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  • When you breath in, you are breathing TIME into your body for you are giving it oxygen-energy which your body consumes to live out its TIME.
  • When you breath in, you are absorbing the “now” part of TIME.
  • When you breath out, your breath slips into the “memory” part of TIME and into the past.
  • You cannot re-constitute “memory” from the past into the present, so your breath breathed out is TIME that has gone forever.
  • Hear this wisdom: “Meditate on the TIME element of your breathing”. Concentrate on the “now” of inhalation and in the “now” of TIME, for your future is yet to come and your past cannot come back; all your TIME constantly collapses into “now”.

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  • Astrophysics postulates that at the time of The Big Bang, all the mass currently in the universe was compressed into a sphere the size of a human head.
  • From the point of view of philosophy, your brain is a conductor, an absorber, a receiver of all the information and energies radiating out of the universe that you allow into your being through your own independent consciousness. You allow light in by consciously opening your eyes and once that light is in you it never comes out because it disappears into your memory. In this respect, you are “absorbing” what you see of the universe – the universe outside you becomes the universe inside you.
  • The reason why you have desire to pluck an apple from a tree is because your hunger to eat it is trying to pull the universe, or should I say “shrink” the universe back from The Big Bang into your stomach, which is controlled by your brain.
  • So, The Big Bang was the beginning and your consciousness is conducting it to its end point in you. And there are many end-points in the universe, for your individual consciousness is only an atom of cosmic intelligence.
  • You are a conductor of the universe. Your mind is trying to cascade the entire universe into your observation of it. After all, your brain is the opposite polarity of The Big Bang, and your brain is the same size as the ball of mass that existed before the universe was created in the beginning.


200624 STEGI in GOD



GOD made you and me and the STEGI in you and the STEGI in me and the STEGI in which we live and move and have our existence.

Both you and I operate the hands of GOD in accordance with the respective aspect of STEGI that each one of us has within us. Our inner STEGI can CHOOSE to exude the joy of GOD just as we can CHOOSE to exude the misery of GOD – the inner STEGI of each one of us can CHOOSE to nurture nature or pollute it. Our inner STEGI CHOOSES how we treat our outer STEGI. Our inner STEGI CHOOSES how we receive our outer STEGI – you can either dwell upon the fragrance of the frangipani or upon the odour of the manure out of which it grows in order to produce the fragrance. We can either exude joy, or we can exude poop.

You can meditate as follows – “I am the hands of GOD for good or bad in accordance with my CHOOSING. SPACE TIME ENERGY GRAVITY INFORMATION (STEGI) is my Lord, my Father, my Heaven, my Hell, my Fate, my Karma and my CHOOSING”.

210620 Personal Magnetism

When you gravitate towards someone it is usually because they are joyous, happy, smiling, vital, vivacious and smell nice. They present themselves as a well-made-up package of their enlightened presence. If you too are the same, the meme-effect of mutual attraction is magnified and you gravitate together into what we call Personal Magnetism. Your ENERGIES “radiate” you into forces of attraction and gravitate you into an expression of personal magnetism. Your mutual radiation turns the two of you into conductors.

Physics dictates that physical magnetism emanates out of the physical laws of the universe, so although that is the true meaning of the word, we still use it to describe a philosophic attribute of human association to describe magnetic attraction of two human personalities.

This is not too far off from two bodies of mass being irresistibly and GRAVITATIONALLY attracted to one another, except with GRAVITY in mass the only thing that matters is the density of the mass, one body of mass can be a volatile Sun and the other body of mass can be a smelly polluted Earth.

Even your hoard sticks to you “gravitationally” – the car you buy sticks to you as if you and the car are gravitationally locked together until some de-coupling force separates you from one another, such as its breakdown, disintegration, accidental damage, fate, sale, or your own demise. So, what has this got to do with Personal Magnetism?

Well, in STEGI philosophy, there is indeed a singular cosmic force of attraction. You can sub-divide it into gravitational attraction or magnetic attraction or personality attraction, the force is still the same – it is the force of pulling things and souls and events together. Similarly, there is a cosmic force of separation for some things are repelling each other just as other things are being attracted to each other.

Does it really matter if we call it magnetism or gravity or the attraction of human souls? Attraction is attraction, just as energy is energy, no matter what you categorise it into. Hydro-electric energy is ENERGY, thermal energy is ENERGY, chemical energy is ENERGY and energy from human muscles and brains is ENERGY, which we can use to draw us into fields of Personal Attractiveness and Magnetism.